27. Goblins to the North

27 (a). Goblins to the North27 (b). Goblins to the North

I must have the brains of a Guar because somehow I’ve been talked into helping infiltrate a goblin settlement in the North of the island.  I’ve seen first-hand the devastation that pillaging parties of these vile creatures left on remote homesteads in the more rural parts of Cyrodiil.  On our way we hear rumour that this particular tribe has developed some rather lofty pretensions regarding Port Hunding.  I shall take some pleasure in teaching these ‘Dogeaters’ the price of their ambition.

Incidentally, I read somewhere that Guar brains is considered quite the delicacy in Skyrim…. What really would be surprising would be to read that there was any part of a Guar the Nord didn’t gorge themselves on, and consider it to be somewhat of a treat.


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