420. I have to believe in redemption


Sometimes we do things that have bad consequences, and sometimes we have to do bad things for a greater good. It does not mean we are evil, or that we can never again be trusted thereafter.

However, a repugnant act made with good intentions is still a repugnant act, and society expects all crimes be punished. Yet justice must acknowledge motive, else it is little more then vengeance.

I have to believe in redemption, I have to.


419. The Halls of Submission




There are times in life when we must fight for freedom, sometimes we must even be willing to die for it.

Once more unto Coldharbour, that most damnable realm of Oblivion that no matter how many times I escape just keeps drawing me back in; where else but here does a man without a soul truly belong. It is here in the Halls of Submission that Molag Bal has kept his dread weapon, the Mortuum Vivicus, hidden since time before the First era. And It is here that we must put an end to its pernicious threat once and for all, else the God of Schemes unleash it upon Nirn. Defended by the three guardians of the blood fonts, Oru, Razan, and Irazur, our task is made more difficult still by a revelation of treachery that threatens the freedom of all Tamriel.

There are times in life when we must fight for freedom, but it is not always enough to be willing to die for it; sometimes we must be willing to kill for it also.


418. Of trust and honour


As a legionnaire I was always taught that it was the height of dishonour to mistrust your comrades, and yet now I find myself at the Fighter’s Guildhall in Evermore about to start a hunt for a former guild comrade, accused, tried and condemned in her absence… or perhaps more accurately because of it.


Despite all their creditable work in fighting back the dread anchors of Coldharbour, the more time I spend in the company of these people the less sure I am of their intentions.


The one thing I am sure of though, is the only way to discover if you can trust someone, is to trust them; and hold faith that honest intent is enough to conquer dishonest words.


369. Raghthar






The Dwarven ruins of Raghthar are said to exist somewhere adrift from this physical plane, this might explain why its sole entrance may appear in many different places at the same time. One just needs the ability to harmonize its doorway with our exact location and time, and then unlock it. Luckily for us Aelif has this ability, and it turns out many others which one might have considered to be far beyond the skill-set of an agent of the Fighter’s Guild.

Skeletons under mystical barriers, Dwemer traps, Auroran battlemages, and accusations of the dead. This Fighter’s Guild is like a Tsaesci council chamber, I trust none of them save perhaps Merric; and yet I fear his blind virtue most.


330. The Council of Province Generals

330 (a). The Council of Province Generals330 (b). The Council of Province Generals330 (c). The Council of Province Generals

At the Fighters Guildhall in the great desert city of Sentinel, the council of province generals sits to discuss the recent attack on the Earth Forge and the disappearance of their Guildmaster, Sees-All-Colors.

Of the former provinces of the fallen empire, only High Rock, Valenwood, Cyrodiil, Skyrim and Elsweyr are represented here.  Many brave generals have been lost to the dark anchors, to deceit and treachery, and to the fall-out from the mysterious death of the previous Guildmaster, Jofnir Iceblade.  That they have not been replaced suggests disorder and mistrust blights the guild.

The Redguard’s tell a parable of two brothers, Abazander and Mirzand.  They were always fighting, usually each other, every day and night, over anything and everything.  One night they were once again fighting in the street outside their home, this time over which loved their mother more.   So intense was their brawl that they never noticed the burglars who snuck into their home to steal their most treasured possessions and murdering their mother in cold blood when she attempted to stop them.  We need to stand united with our brothers and sisters, whether they be kith or kin, for the darkness will divide us, and takes from us what we hold most dear.

I am sent to meet with Aelif to investigate the death of Jofnir.  His final journal entry said that he last travelled to the Dwarven ruin Ragnthar, via the city of Bergama to the south.