266. Alas Moira’s Hope

266 (a). Alas Moira_s Hope

It was hoped that with the death of the villainous lizard Reezal-Jul, we had seen the last of the blood-curse that had filled the streets of Crestshade with fiends and corpses.  Alas Moira’s Hope.  The small rural town lays in ruins, and the dead wander its gardens feeding upon the corpses of their former friends and neighbours.

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With the help of one of Count Verandis’s pets, the feline vampire Adusa-Daro, we gather together the few remaining survivors.  It is from them that we learn it was Lleraya, Baron Montclair’s daughter, who brought about this latest atrocity, and that a vampire commander, together with a small retinue of Montclair soldiers, still holds the mayor’s house overlooking the town.


265. The Tribulation Crypt

265 (f). The Tribulation Crypts

Rivenspire teeters upon the edge of ruin.  As its armies’ march abroad towards the eternal conflict for the Ruby throne, its people are left without leadership or direction.   Men, Mer and beast are dying across the land in huge numbers, leaving fields abandoned and towns deserted.  Such is the upheaval and unrest that Tamriel itself awakens the warrior dead from their graves to protect the land from the scourge of the living.


264. Crime and restitution


264 (a). Crime and restitution

The forsaken Breton burial grounds of Sanguine Barrows have long been overrun by troll and skeever, yet somewhere within these tombs and caverns hides a war criminal who must be brought to justice.

During King Ranser’s war, soon after Emeric had signed his alliance with the Wrothgar Orcs, Ranser’s head of security Gerard Althen, ordered the detainment and slaughter of hundreds of Orc civilians living within Rivenspire’s borders.

It speaks much of the delicacy of diplomatic relations within High Rock that a decade since the end of the conflict and Emeric will neither send his own Lion Guard into Rivenspire nor rely upon the loyalty of the Shornhelm authorities to bring this man to justice.  Instead he contracted a mercenary group, the Rings of Daggers, and they in turn hired me.

264 (h). Crime and restitution

For his part Gerard Althen insists that he was only obeying his King’s orders, and that he has spent the last 10 years trying to make amends to the Orc people for his part in the atrocity.  I have not the wisdom or will to hold this man’s ledger to account and adjudicate whether his moral credits outweigh his debt.  I am just here to complete a job and deliver him to others so they might judge his moral crimes and restitutions.

… And I am fully aware that in this one regard, I am no better than he… just following my orders.