73. Farwatch Tower

73. Farwatch Tower

Sitting atop one of the highest mounts in the region, with clear views over land and sea, Farwatch Tower would seem almost impregnable.  Yet according to reports from travellers met on the road, this is where the Aldmeri have chosen to strike hardest in their ongoing campaign of incursions into Glenumbra.

It seems the higher we build our walls, the longer the shadow of our complacency grows.


72. We all bleed red


I’d heard much of the famed arrogance of Breton nobility, but had mercifully thus far come across very little evidence of it… until I met with Lord Diel.

The insufferable arrogance of nobility is often in their belief that others exist solely for their benefit.  This presumptuousness about their own significance, and that of their title, will often come to a most sudden and violent end with the realization that we all bleed red.  Perhaps I am equally prejudiced, but right now, I value this man’s life at about the same worth as the creatures he torments and tortures.

The unkind might suggest that this is the Elven heritage of the Breton showing out, whatever, but the way I see it is that such divisive hubris needs be tempered and controlled, lest this Covenant fall by it.


71. The Daggers and the Harpies

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They say that the true adventurer goes forth aimless and capricious to meet his fate unknown… well they are wrong, and most likely dead.  One must be prepared for every encounter, especially the unexpected ones, as this band of reprobates are finding out.

There is a big difference between knowing how to hold a sword and understanding how to wield it.  A sword never killed anybody; it is but a tool killer’s hand… and a liability in a fools.


70. Dominion incursions and a menacing phantom

70 (a). Dominion incursions and a menacing phantom70 (b). Dominion incursions and a menacing phantom

I find maps, charts and letters in Silumm to suggest that the Dominion presence here might not be the isolated incident I had first thought, but a part of a much larger incursion into Glenumbra.  Whilst I still stand by my sentiment that as a man of Cyrodiil this is not my fight, there is money however to be made in war, and right now Breton money feels a just little less sullied then Altmer.

Meanwhile, as I retrieved the tomes I had originally come for, another phantom appeared before me.  This conjurer’s parlour trick could get real tiresome, real fast.  Speaking with heavy Nordic accent, this apparition gave instructions on how the tomes might be read.

Before returning them to the Mages Guild however, I shall venture north along the coastline and survey for myself just how substantial this Aldmeri threat really is.


69. Underground Elves

The Ayleid ruins at Silumm have been taken by a squad of Almeri soldiers, who also appear to be searching for something.  It will be unwelcome news indeed for the governors of Daggerfall to learn that Dominion forces have been able to make camp so close to their city.

I don’t fight for Breton king or Covenant, there is simply a job to do and coin to be earnt; but woe betide any pompous, pointy-eared, lemon-skin that gets in my way.