598. The hunt for Tarish-Zi

598 (a). The hunt for Tarish-Zi

Vanity in men and mer is little more then a defiler of our dignity, but in our emperors and kings it is their legacy, for where else do we inherit so much of our knowledge of history then from the vain monuments and biography’s of Tamriel’s rulers; and of course knowing our history allows us to better understand our present.

So where better to start our hunt for the leader of the Anka-Ra then in his own biographies and testaments recorded in the forgotten library of Rahni’Za. Indeed it is here where we discover that the body of the self-proclaimed emperor was interned at the Yokudan burial grounds of the Na-Totambu, but to gain entry we will first need to retrieve two magical seals.

It was no surprise when we find the burial grounds crawling with the risen Anka-Ra, whilst gargoyles, imps, dunerippers and many conspicuous traps also need to be overcome before we can finally coming face to face with Tarish-Zi, and return his walking corpse back to the dust.

Vanity… the defiler of men and mer, the legacy of emperors and kings, and ever the folly of the ambitious.


597. The sum of his every breath

597. The sum of his every breath

The warrior not of this time looks down upon his own sarcophagus. This tomb forgotten is the sum of every moment of his life; a heroic life yet unglorifed by the shallow rhymes of the vagabond bards, or the sugared yarns of the Spinners.

His every achievement in life, and every sacrifice, every decision made both foolish and wise. Every battle he fought whether won or lost, every ally saved and enemy slayed. Every laugh shared in joy, every tear shed in grief, every kiss, every touch, and every embrace. Every courageous stand he ever did make, every moment of cowardice an unfading stain. Every virtue laid bare and every vice that he hid, every graceful dance, and every drunken jig. Every curse, every prayer, every thought, every word, the sum of his every breath… forgotten.


596. Faith in madness

The ruthless warlord Tarish-Zi has risen with his savage army of Anka-Ra to conquer these lands at the behest of the Celestial Warrior. It is now only a matter of time before this seemingly unstoppable host turns east towards the city of Belgarth.

When a land suffers under the influence of such great fear its people cannot be trusted to act or think sanely. Thus I would have scorned at the tavern rumours of a naked man appearing in the Dragonstar arena claiming to be our only hope to defeat the risen Ra Gada, had it not been for the adumbrate words given by Hermaeus Mora at the Seeker’s Archive – ‘There is a man who can help you defeat the Anka-Ra. His name is Titus Valerius, but he is not of this time.

This man now held prisoner at the Bangkorai Gate speaks so franticly that it is little wonder the guards believe him mad. Yet perhaps in such desperate times we should not be so eager to impeach another man’s sanity. For whilst we may all share this same world, within it each of us lives a unique reality; our own private perception different from those experienced by all others. One person’s reality is so different from another’s that sometimes they can’t explain it to us, and we think them mad. What if I was to tell this man I was once soul-shriven but made whole again by overcoming the daedric Prince of Brutality in an affair of honour; would he not think me mad also?

So I shall take a chance on this mad man, and follow him through a cave he called the Buried Sands, where he believes we will find something vital to defeating the Anka-Ra. And perhaps in doing so prove the philosophers’ claim, that in life true freedom can only be found in madness and dreams.

596 (i). Faith in madness


595. The battle for the Warrior’s stone

595 (a). The battle for the Warrior’s stone

Great victory requires great risk, yet too oft it is only in such victory that one discovers the prize was not worth the risk at all.

595 (b). The battle for the Warrior’s stone

In the ancient Yokudan tombs of Kardala the eternal Anka-Ra have risen from the dust. Incorporeal spirits of the heroic Ra Gada roam the repositories coarse chambers under the sway of a powerful Lich; and Izrunath the Corrupter of the Scaled Court stands guardian before the defiled Apex stone of the fallen Warrior. The Celestial Thief cannot aid me here beneath the sands for fear of ambush, so this grim fight must be fought and won by mortal alone.

595 (f). The battle for the Warrior’s stone595 (g). The battle for the Warrior’s stone

With this fiendish cartel overcome I am thus able to call upon the Aspects of the Lord, Lady and Steed using the Skystone Amulet to cleanse the Warrior’s Stone of the Serpent’s venom. But their ghostly visage is swiftly usurped by the umbral form of the Serpent itself, gloating that mine is but a victory vain. For whilst I have prevented further corruption to the Celestial Warrior’s stone, I am too late for it’s master is already trapped in mortal form and fully under serpentine control.


Sometimes it is the hardest fought victories that seemingly achieve the least.