598. The hunt for Tarish-Zi

598 (a). The hunt for Tarish-Zi

Vanity in men and mer is little more then a defiler of our dignity, but in our emperors and kings it is their legacy, for where else do we inherit so much of our knowledge of history then from the vain monuments and biography’s of Tamriel’s rulers; and of course knowing our history allows us to better understand our present.

So where better to start our hunt for the leader of the Anka-Ra then in his own biographies and testaments recorded in the forgotten library of Rahni’Za. Indeed it is here where we discover that the body of the self-proclaimed emperor was interned at the Yokudan burial grounds of the Na-Totambu, but to gain entry we will first need to retrieve two magical seals.

It was no surprise when we find the burial grounds crawling with the risen Anka-Ra, whilst gargoyles, imps, dunerippers and many conspicuous traps also need to be overcome before we can finally coming face to face with Tarish-Zi, and return his walking corpse back to the dust.

Vanity… the defiler of men and mer, the legacy of emperors and kings, and ever the folly of the ambitious.


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