599. Rahni’Za 1- The trial of fire

599 (a). Rahni'Za - 1st trial of fire

Growing up in Cyrodiil I was inspirited by the epic stories of Imperial heroes such as Queen Alessia, Pelinal Whitestrake and Reman Cyrodiil. But I also remember with fondness the tales sung by the vagabond bards who would occasionally pass through our town on their peregrinations through the heartlands, of the Redguard sword academies trying to keep their ancient traditions alive. It became an ambition to one-day visit these august martial schools.

Alas that not only was I to witness the aftermath of the destruction of the Valley of Blades by a titan pet of the insidious worm king, but also the desecration of Leki’s Blade in the Alikr desert. And now on my first visit to the Rahni’Za, School of Warriors I discover the students and teachers have fallen victim to murderous betrayal. I fear my journal is fast becoming a chronicle of the final days of the Ansei tradition.

The absconded initiate Fada at-Glina tells that the once mighty Sword-Disciples of Rahni-Za have somehow been turned into thralls of the dread Celestial Serpent. If I am to put an end this sully I must first earn my entry to the school by passing the five trials of Rahni’Za. The first is the trial of Fire, where one must find the tombs of the flame-bearers, the spirits of former masters of the school, and lead them to light the braziers along the path to the doors of Rahni’Za.

I must confess that as I begin these trails I am uncertain whether my motive is one of mercy, vengeance, or vainglory.

599 (j). Rahni'Za - 1st trial of fire


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