Rahni’Za 2 – The trial of the arena

600 (a). Rahni'Za 2 - The trial of the arena

The second trial at the Rahni’Za, School of Warriors is a trial of the arena. A grand melee fought against an array of warriors, beasts and champions in a circle of blood soaked rock and dust. It is a rigorous test of stamina, skills and courage. In the Legionnaires I was taught that a soldiers prime virtue is their endurance, which above all else is what will keep one alive on the battlefield. For no amount of training or skill can stop a soldier from being afraid, only experience teaches you to bear your fears, and brook them.

600 (d). Rahni'Za 2 - The trial of the arena

The common wisdom when entering a melee is that one must pace themselves for a long hard fight, yet I have learnt that the secret to winning any skirmish is to swiftly achieve initiative and momentum. So with that in mind as I step into the arena I set my stance, raise my shield, and charge directly at the first group of combatants that appear in the ring before me. As any gambler will tell you, one cannot win a game of Tribute by keeping one’s strongest cards in hand.

You know its funny but people believe that the soldier above all others prays for peace, for do they not suffer the deepest wounds and scars of war? Yet life without conflict for the soldier is never easy. We are trained to fight, to rely only upon our weapons, comrades, and skills in battle, but in peace we can only rely on ourselves to cope with the abrading quiet, and the horrors of ones introspection. What a soldier truly fears is that when all is said and done, without war what worth is their life?


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