601. Rahni’Za 3 – The trial of air

601 (a). Rahni'Za 3 - The trial of air

The Trial of air is a test of faith, but faith in what, the illusion magics of the either dead or corrupted masters of this school? Alas I cannot cross the air between rooftops and rocks without faith that the hidden path revealed by the sands is substantial. The reason a crow can fly is not simply because it has faith, but because it has wings, which I do not.

They say that the pessimist knows too much, whilst an optimist too little. As I know so little of how illusion magic works I guess I have little choice in this predicament but optimism. The optimist would keep their head pointed towards the stars, and their feet moving forward, so I look up and step out in blind faith; it is only now I remember that the sky over Craglorn is empty.

601 (f). Rahni'Za 3 - The trial of air


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