602. Rahni’Za 4 – The trial of martial knowledge

602 (a). Rahni'Za 4 - The trial of martial knowledge

The lessons of the Rahni’Za, School of Warriors can be found in books scattered throughout the school. The trial of martial knowledge has you collect those tomes and return them to their proper place within the library. I guess the lesson here is that a warriors strength comes from the wisdom they gain from knowledge.

But as one would expect in a Redguard warrior school, the real trial is not in words but in actions. For when the bards sing of you, they will sing not of the books you have read, or the diplomas, medals or titles you have earnt. They will sing of your actions, of your deeds done, your battles fought, both lost and won. So it was of no surprise that beyond the library book pedestals awaited Master Abrunul to “Test your knowledge of the art of the blade…


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