31. Goodbye Stros M’Kai

31. Goodbye Stros M'Kai

A last look around Stros M’kai before boarding The Spearhead, but I shan’t be returning to more civilized surroundings just yet.  I travel onto an Orc settlement on the isle of Betnikh, just off the southern tip of High Rock.  Whilst I have little sympathy regarding the business of the Daggerfall Covenant, I would like to discover for myself a little more about these Orcs.  The Orsimer I have met on Stros M’Kai are far from the savages I was led to believe them to be.  Of course, every soldier knew the fearsome reputation of the Orc units in the emperor’s legions, and Orc armorers are feted the world over for their skill, but rarely in the past had I any cause for direct contact with them beyond simple commerce.

I have discovered in my Redguard companions such unexpected virtues as determination, loyalty, courage, intrepidity and selflessness.  I am beginning to fear that due to my own ignorance and prejudices, perhaps I might be the barbaric one.


30. One Swift Cut…

30. One Swift Cut...

As I stand over the sleeping body of Headman Bhosek, I consider how simple it would be to end his tyranny with one swift cut.  One swift cut that might free the people of Stros M’Kai from his oppression, intimidation, and brutality.  But in truth, I fear that as villainous as Bhosek the Bloody is, it may well be that this Isle of pirates needs a man such as this at its helm to keep it anchored, and prevent it from descending into anarchy.


29. The Final Problem

29 (a). The Final Problem29 (b). The Final Problem29 (c). The Final Problem

Heavily guarded, with high walls and plenty of natural defences, Bhosek’s palace could prove to be one tough nut to crack.  Kaleen’s planning, and the collective nefarious skills of Lerisa, Jakarn, and Neramo will all prove invaluable if we are to pull this off, and I am to finally get paid.


27. Goblins to the North

27 (a). Goblins to the North27 (b). Goblins to the North

I must have the brains of a Guar because somehow I’ve been talked into helping infiltrate a goblin settlement in the North of the island.  I’ve seen first-hand the devastation that pillaging parties of these vile creatures left on remote homesteads in the more rural parts of Cyrodiil.  On our way we hear rumour that this particular tribe has developed some rather lofty pretensions regarding Port Hunding.  I shall take some pleasure in teaching these ‘Dogeaters’ the price of their ambition.

Incidentally, I read somewhere that Guar brains is considered quite the delicacy in Skyrim…. What really would be surprising would be to read that there was any part of a Guar the Nord didn’t gorge themselves on, and consider it to be somewhat of a treat.