323. Sentinel

323 (d). Sentinel

Alas lost Yokuda, from whose doomed shores a great fleet voyaged eastward, enduring the rage of the indignant seas that devoured their homeland, till they came upon Tamriel.

Seeking a ripe harbourage to make a new home, this most dread armada reaved the coasts of elves and men, till eventually honoured Grandee Yaghoub spied a likely green-leafed bay.

Swiftly and easily did the dusky warriors overwhelm the unexpecting port, and stake claim upon this oasis in an arid land, and Yaghoub proclaimed ‘I name thee Sentinel’.

A great city was built of stone and tent, and the gold domes of Samaruik rose majestically from the inhospitable sands to shine beacon as testimony to the might of the Yokudans.

But as the golden domes rose ever higher, the native tribes of Orc and Goblin conspired and plotted to push these most hated interlopers back into the seas.

A barbaric host with blunted blades and twisted magics fell upon the fledgling city in a sandstorm of rancour and spite; but the Ra Gada held their ground against this most savage onslaught.

Eventually the brutish host was broken and beaten back across the broiling sands to the farthest horizon hills.  And honoured Yaghoub declared ‘now time has come to conquer the shifting sands.’

And so led by the legendary Ansei, the Redguard rode forth from Sentinel spreading across the desert like a piece of cloth carried by the winds, to forge the land of Hammerfell.


322. The cursed blade of Navid

322 (a). The cursed blade of Navid

At a Yokudan ruins on the beaches of the Alik’r, where in the first era the Ra Gada made landing in their invasion of mainland Hammerfell, an Imperial scholar searches for the weapon of the legendary Sword-Singer Navid.  Scholars travel the length and breadth of the land collecting relics of Tamrielic history that they display like works of art to be savoured by only the few in private collections, but this cursed relic would not sit safely in some wooden cabinet in a Colovian manor, and is perhaps better lost to antiquity.

Sword-singers were an order of Yokudan blade-masters who, it is claimed, became so dedicated to their martial philosophy that they could manifest a sword in their hand by sheer force of his or her will.  This sounds fanciful, although it is accepted that they were masters at tempering the blades they forged with powerful magics.

However Navid’s blade was initially formed it is clear that the weapon he left behind became tainted by the invidious and injurious fate of its creator.  In an impetuous act birthed of jealousy and spite, Navid slew his good friend and life-long ally Ihlqub over his love of the beautiful Sayeedeh.  When Sayeedah heard the news she took her own life, and Navid drowned in his guilt.

Yet after his death, others sought to claim his prized weapon, only to fall victim to the ethereal blade of Ihlqub himself.  Now they are cursed to covert the weapon from beyond the veil, and they will never stop chasing it, for they cannot be killed, only put to rest again, and again.

Even the ghost of Nevid now fears his own blade, and when even the dead are afraid, then you know you have a problem.


321. Lamia of the Hammerfell coast

321 (a). Lamia of the Hammerfell coast

Hiding amongst the rocks of the wild Hammerfell coastline, the ever hostile Lamia can prove too much of a challenge for even well-armoured adventurers.  Whilst these serpentine beasts are mostly water-dwelling, they will often come ashore to prey upon unwitting men and mer.  Carnivorous and avaricious, they waste not a morsel of their victims, making feast upon flesh, organ, and bone.

With the appearance of a serpent in head and muscled tail, their torso inexplicitly resembles that of a woman; including breasts which surely have little purpose for a reptilian.  It is suggested by some however that their female form is but illusive, and together with their sweet, soporific song, is but a lure to males of all species, coaxing them towards the shallows and into their clutch.

Indeed, the Lamia are reputed to be a semi-intelligent species, even capable of speaking Tamrielic with their forked tongues.  Certainly they are capable of the language of magic, which they utilize effectively in combat, together with cacophonous shrieking that can debilitate and disorientate, and powerful claws that can shred leather and bone.