49. Face to face with savagery.

49. Face to face with savagery

We all like to dream ourselves the hero.  When the monster attacks our egos would have us believe that we’d be the one to pick up the weapons, so as to defend the weak, to shield the innocent, and to slay the beast.  But in truth, we can never quite know how we will react until that moment comes when we are face to face with savagery.

For the record… I froze in fear, my breath faltered, I felt faint of heart, and I prayed that a hero might come and save me… and only then did I cleave the beasts head from atop its shoulders.


48. Two Moons rise over the Fighter’s Guild

48. Two Moons over the Fighters Guild

Just a few days back in Daggerfall and I find myself visiting the local guildhalls looking for work once more.  A purse of gold doesn’t seem to last as long as it once did, especially once I had replaced armour, sharpened my sword, bought myself a horse, and spent… wasted… enjoyed a few lively evenings at the overpriced Rosy Lion inn; it is almost alchemy how these Breton innkeepers can turn ale that tastes like gnats piss into gold.

Thankfully between the local guilds, and listening to plenty of tavern gossip, work is not in short supply for a man who keeps his blades sharp.


47. She thinks only of the sea

47. She thinks only of the sea

I considered approaching Lerisa to say goodbye, but from the moment we first boarded together at Stros M’kai, it has been obvious that whilst I think of her, she thinks only of the sea. 

The thought that I might not see her again troubles me more than I would like… perhaps some goodbyes are best left unsaid.    


46. Return to Daggerfall

46. Return to Daggerfall

From one foreign province to another, as I disembark at Daggerfall harbour I find familiarity in the city walls, but yet I am acutely aware that this isn’t home.  Home is a place where you know all your friends and all your enemies.  Everyone I trust in Hammerfell is back on the Spearhead, and half of them have grievance with me for the decision I was forced to make on Betnikh. 

We all ache for a home, a safe place where we can be who are, and not be questioned.  A man oft travels the world in search of what he needs only to find it was at home all along.

My home was with my family in Cyrodiil, and after with my comrades at barracks in the Imperial City, now… now I have no home.