46. Return to Daggerfall

46. Return to Daggerfall

From one foreign province to another, as I disembark at Daggerfall harbour I find familiarity in the city walls, but yet I am acutely aware that this isn’t home.  Home is a place where you know all your friends and all your enemies.  Everyone I trust in Hammerfell is back on the Spearhead, and half of them have grievance with me for the decision I was forced to make on Betnikh. 

We all ache for a home, a safe place where we can be who are, and not be questioned.  A man oft travels the world in search of what he needs only to find it was at home all along.

My home was with my family in Cyrodiil, and after with my comrades at barracks in the Imperial City, now… now I have no home.


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