597. The sum of his every breath

597. The sum of his every breath

The warrior not of this time looks down upon his own sarcophagus. This tomb forgotten is the sum of every moment of his life; a heroic life yet unglorifed by the shallow rhymes of the vagabond bards, or the sugared yarns of the Spinners.

His every achievement in life, and every sacrifice, every decision made both foolish and wise. Every battle he fought whether won or lost, every ally saved and enemy slayed. Every laugh shared in joy, every tear shed in grief, every kiss, every touch, and every embrace. Every courageous stand he ever did make, every moment of cowardice an unfading stain. Every virtue laid bare and every vice that he hid, every graceful dance, and every drunken jig. Every curse, every prayer, every thought, every word, the sum of his every breath… forgotten.


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