595. The battle for the Warrior’s stone

595 (a). The battle for the Warrior’s stone

Great victory requires great risk, yet too oft it is only in such victory that one discovers the prize was not worth the risk at all.

595 (b). The battle for the Warrior’s stone

In the ancient Yokudan tombs of Kardala the eternal Anka-Ra have risen from the dust. Incorporeal spirits of the heroic Ra Gada roam the repositories coarse chambers under the sway of a powerful Lich; and Izrunath the Corrupter of the Scaled Court stands guardian before the defiled Apex stone of the fallen Warrior. The Celestial Thief cannot aid me here beneath the sands for fear of ambush, so this grim fight must be fought and won by mortal alone.

595 (f). The battle for the Warrior’s stone595 (g). The battle for the Warrior’s stone

With this fiendish cartel overcome I am thus able to call upon the Aspects of the Lord, Lady and Steed using the Skystone Amulet to cleanse the Warrior’s Stone of the Serpent’s venom. But their ghostly visage is swiftly usurped by the umbral form of the Serpent itself, gloating that mine is but a victory vain. For whilst I have prevented further corruption to the Celestial Warrior’s stone, I am too late for it’s master is already trapped in mortal form and fully under serpentine control.


Sometimes it is the hardest fought victories that seemingly achieve the least.


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