266. Alas Moira’s Hope

266 (a). Alas Moira_s Hope

It was hoped that with the death of the villainous lizard Reezal-Jul, we had seen the last of the blood-curse that had filled the streets of Crestshade with fiends and corpses.  Alas Moira’s Hope.  The small rural town lays in ruins, and the dead wander its gardens feeding upon the corpses of their former friends and neighbours.

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With the help of one of Count Verandis’s pets, the feline vampire Adusa-Daro, we gather together the few remaining survivors.  It is from them that we learn it was Lleraya, Baron Montclair’s daughter, who brought about this latest atrocity, and that a vampire commander, together with a small retinue of Montclair soldiers, still holds the mayor’s house overlooking the town.


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