267. The Dolmen at Westmark Moor

267 (a). The Dolmen at Westmark Moor

267 (i). The Dolmen at Westmark Moor

Another of Molag Bal’s dark anchors falls upon Tamriel at the Westmark Moor in Rivenspire, and another disparate band of adventures set aside their banners and unite to defend our land.

Again and again the peoples of Tamriel come together to repel these Daedric invaders.  Men, Mer, Feline, and Reptilians united by a common fear, not of the enemy in front of us, but for the safety of our families behind.  Because no matter our allegiance, the fate of the Imperial City has shown us all that if we concede even just a little to these demons from the outerworlds, then eventually they will take it all.


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