268. A most curious thing

268 (a). A most curious thing268 (b). A most curious thing268 (c). A most curious thing

In the hills overlooking Hoarfrost Downs I discovered a secluded cave whose only other visitor appears to be a rather large hill troll.  Upon approach a most curious thing, a tree began to speak, not directly to me, but about me.

It is easy to see how a mischievous talking tree spirit might convince some of the more ‘uncivilized’ peoples of Tamriel that the tree itself is a God.  Indeed, it would appear to be a rather simple scheme to convince the witless that you are a deity; just ask the next Dark Elf you meet about their Tribunal.

Here however, it appears a member of the Shornhelm Mages guild foolhardily attempted to extend his own life by spell and ritual, but somehow managed to trap his spirit in the body of the tree.  Unfortunately as a result he has doomed not only himself, but also the spirit of the tree which is now trapped mid-enchantment in the nearby Sorrow’s cave.

Nature has always been the principle victim of man’s futile quest for immortality; and yet nature feels not anger or resentment towards mankind for their enduring folly, only pity.


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