269. The Obsidian Scar

As soon as I entered the hefty wooden gates, the mordacious air began to weigh heavily upon my lungs.  The torches lining its cavernous halls battle against the onerous gloom, whilst the stone walls drip with tears of bile.  Howls, gnarls, murmur and shadows torment my heart at every corner of the long dank corridors.  Whatever the architects’ original purpose was for this crumbling subterranean edifice, now it is claimed as a home by the reviled Oathboand clan and their Daedric collaborators.

Whilst the Oathbound Orc tribe swears its loyalty to Orsinium, their fealty is firmly avowed to the Daedric Prince Malacath. Renowned for their violence and savagery both in and out of battle, yet it is their single-minded observance of Malacath’s code of honour that strikes most fear in outsiders.  The Oathbound’s creed is to make victims of all others, before they have chance to make victims of them.

I meet a lone Orc named Lashgirk lingering just inside the fortress gates.  She and her Redguard husband had been kidnapped by the Oathbound on behalf of her former clan.  She displayed the true spirit of an Orsimer in fighting her way out, but her husband never made it.  The sole reason I decide to venture deeper into this damnable charnel, is to discover his fate for this noble Orc.


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