330. The Council of Province Generals

330 (a). The Council of Province Generals330 (b). The Council of Province Generals330 (c). The Council of Province Generals

At the Fighters Guildhall in the great desert city of Sentinel, the council of province generals sits to discuss the recent attack on the Earth Forge and the disappearance of their Guildmaster, Sees-All-Colors.

Of the former provinces of the fallen empire, only High Rock, Valenwood, Cyrodiil, Skyrim and Elsweyr are represented here.  Many brave generals have been lost to the dark anchors, to deceit and treachery, and to the fall-out from the mysterious death of the previous Guildmaster, Jofnir Iceblade.  That they have not been replaced suggests disorder and mistrust blights the guild.

The Redguard’s tell a parable of two brothers, Abazander and Mirzand.  They were always fighting, usually each other, every day and night, over anything and everything.  One night they were once again fighting in the street outside their home, this time over which loved their mother more.   So intense was their brawl that they never noticed the burglars who snuck into their home to steal their most treasured possessions and murdering their mother in cold blood when she attempted to stop them.  We need to stand united with our brothers and sisters, whether they be kith or kin, for the darkness will divide us, and takes from us what we hold most dear.

I am sent to meet with Aelif to investigate the death of Jofnir.  His final journal entry said that he last travelled to the Dwarven ruin Ragnthar, via the city of Bergama to the south.


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