331. The unwelcome marketeers

331 (a). The unwelcome marketeers331 (b). The unwelcome marketeers

Merchants and peddlers from across Tamriel brave the harsh arid climate of the Alik’r to do trade at the great bazaar of Sentinel, which stretches across the sandy floor of the desert city from the docks to the front gate.  Brusque Orcs from the mountainous north, haughty Elves from the isles to the south, reptilian swamp-tillers of the Blackmarsh, and avaricious Khajiit from the forests of Elsweyr, all have crossed land and sea to seek fortune, curio and rare antiquities at the great market in the sands.

There is one group of travelling merchants however who are not especially welcomed by the cities authorities. The nomadic Baandari tribe have an unfortunate reputation for holding profit ahead of ethic, conscience, morality, and oftentimes local law.

Ildani, for example, was caught by the local guard attempting to smuggle skooma into the city.  Somehow, she managed to escape her binds and now seeks an accomplice to retrieve her contraband from the customs house and distribute it to her desperate clientele.  Whilst Unishi is a Baandari potion-maker staying at the Frozen Palms Tavern, whose literal interpretation of her customers’ requests she fulfils with little regard to consequence or decency.

It is difficult however to feel sympathy for the ‘victims’ of the Baandarii, for one thing all seem to have in common at this great market in the sands, is an improvident desire for quick profit and easy coin.


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