329. Uncle Leo

329 (a). Uncle Leo

In the dark heart of the Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent, Sheogorath reveals his most prized fool.

Uncle Leo, as the prince calls him, was once a mortal man whose greed led him into a seemingly perfect bargain with the Mad God.  But for all Sheogorath’s suppositious lunacy, there is no prince in all Oblivion that understands mortal frailties more.  He waited patiently, and eventually, just as Sheogorath expected, the mortal’s heart overruled his head, and on his happiest night, the Mad God melted his flesh and remoulded him into the abomination I see before me now.

329 (i). Uncle Leo

Seemingly tired of his prize, in much the same way as a cruel child might drop a wild skeever into a box with a pet snake, I have been set against this malformed behemoth for the Mad God’s perverse entertainment.


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