63. Her final bad decision

63. Her final bad decision

I’ve heard it said that one man’s religion is but another man’s cult, and I begin to wonder just what shared ideal has led so many to flock to the Bloodthorn’s banners.  This cultist is not so much older than the girl who lies dead back at Deleyn’s Mill, and she too will leave behind a grieving mother somewhere on Tamriel, yet I will not lament on this one’s death.

Perhaps her cause began as worthy endeavour, only to later fall to corruption; her paranoia and delusions fed by the cult’s leadership to the point where she inflicts such pains on others as proof of her piety.  But whilst one might consider her to be misled rather than inherently evil, surely the concept of evil is not a foreign one to her.

No doubt a crescendo of bad decisions has led her to this moment of reckoning, a moment in which she made her final bad decision… to raise her sword against a man without a soul.


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