77. The halls of Enduum

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The local Bretons warned of another Ayleid ruin just north of the Dominion beech camp; the ancient halls of Enduum.  There was too great a risk that the Aldmeri could have secured these ruins as they had done at Silumm, so I set off to scout what threat, if any, there was.

I was to discover that the Aldmeri had indeed gained access to the ruins, but judging by the scenes of carnage and slaughter with which I was greeted, they had encountered something far more dangerous than they were prepared for.  The Ayleid dead still lay claim to their former home and offer a murderous hospitality to all who trespass.

Maybe this is how it should be, ancient ruins left undisturbed and forgot as tombs for their former owners.  Or perhaps it is time for the dead to move on and leave this world to the living.  Such debates may be had by men safe and warm in dry chamber and musty guild halls; I’ll just concentrate on trying to survive what the Aldmeri could not.


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