84. It is time to step forth into the night

84. It is time to step forth into the night

I have stayed in Daggerfall far too long awaiting instructions from the old man. I hear rumours of werewolves, necromancers and bandits from many of the rural refugee pouring into the city seeking sanctuary behind her high walls. Whilst the Fighters Guild reports that the Daedric dark anchors are becoming more numerous by the day.

The agents of Molag Bal are abroad and laying siege to our provinces; it is time to step forth into the night. 

My heart is strong, my spirit is stone, and my sword is sharp. I believe it is within the fate and destiny of the individual that the battle between good and evil will eventually be won or lost. Whilst I can do little ‘gainst fate, I hold my destiny in my own hands. May the darkest place in Oblivion be reserved for those who keep their blades sheaved during this time of strife.


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