86. Red Rook Bandits

86. Red Rook Bandits

A group of Red Rook bandits have set up camp on a noble’s estate just on the outskirts of Daggerfall. The Daggerfall guard are unable to move in as they have taken the residents hostage.  

There will always be bandits and outlaws across Tamriel. Those who cannot fit in, or who feel injustice and ill-treatment by established society, will oft turn to ignoble means to survive. I pity as much as I condemn them; for is it not considered heroic to rebel when under tyranny? Who am I to judge what others weigh as oppression. 

But it is often in times of deepest strife for a nation, that those hoping to undermine it will seek to take advantage of discontent and machinate the disaffected to wreak havoc for it.  I have little doubt that these Red Rooks are but marionettes to a far greater menace.


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