94. A man of vision

By way of ritual, Gloria is able to make use of the captured werewolf’s spiritual connection to its sire and gain us a valuable glimpse behind the enemy’s curtains.  Our worst fears are confirmed.  The tumult of Glenumbra is not, as first thought, the result of disparate foes seeking to take advantage of a country standing on the precipice of war.  But rather, the cultists, werewolves and bandits are but three prongs of the same trident, forged by one man whose sole aim is to conquer these Breton lands.

This Reachman Angof must be a man of great vision, determination, and endeavour, to have fired up the hearts and minds of so many of this country’s disillusioned and desperate to the point of subversion.  To defeat the Bloodthorn, we need slander his vision; for without followers, what is a visionary but a crazy man with a beard.

To achieve this we must break the trident… we must retake Camlorn.


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