99. The last king of the Ayleids

99. The last king of the Ayleids

His arrival to the battlefield seemed to take everyone by surprise.  Perhaps if I had studied the histories a little more I may have been at an advantage, but whilst the scholarly were at class, I was swinging wooden swords at straw daedra.

Intriguingly, even now those about us refer to him as the ‘last king’; his fate, and the fates of his people it would seem, was already considered fixed.  Yet despite this, I do not believe I have ever met man nor mer possessed of such dignity and equanimity.  Even by elfish standards, he stands statuesque, and his poise in discourse adds such gravitas to his every word that even his final comments to me, “we shall meet again, and then we shall see what we shall see”, carried such weight, that for a briefest of moments, I was almost given to believe him.

Still, if was clear that those ancient eyes saw far more than he had a mind to let on… we shall see.


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