120. Rendezvous at the Dwynnarth Ruins

120. Rendezvous at the Dwynnarth Ruins

There has been whisper and bruit for some time now that the Bloodthorn Cult and Red Rook Bandits may have been working in confederacy to bring about the downfall of Glenumbra.  Whether or not that has been the case, a chance capture of a Red Rook agent leads to the discovery of a meeting of envoys set in the hulking Ayleid carcass of the Dwynnarth Ruins.

It will take a little cloak and dagger to undermine this conclave, but thankfully there is enough suspicion and dubiety amongst this rubble and ruin that the death of Envoy Caoiss should prove enough to put an end to any potential axis between the two.

It is surprising to me that the Red Rooks would want such an alliance.  Surely they have considered that if the Bloodthorn are successful and Glenumbra falls, what use then will Molag Bal have for them, other than fresh souls and fodder for the undead horde.


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