129. Angof the Gravesinger

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In the deepest depths of the Cath Bedraud cemetery there lays a vast alcove, overgrown with root and vines that sway to an unfelt breeze.  The walls crawl with insect and creeper, whilst the once solid floor is now but a quagmire of rotting fungi and festering dreg.  The air is made heavy by stench and foul moisture, and the once grand mausoleum crumbles to ruination in the debilitating climate.

The ganglion standing at the centre of the chamber is Angof the Gravesinger, leader of the Bloodthorn cult, necromancer, tyrant, and chief tormentor of all Glenumbra; yet ultimately, just another of Molag Bal’s puppets.

Armed with naught but bare bodkin, which itself is but a tool for his ritual thaumaturgy, the Reachman seems to draw energy from the pollution about him in anticipation for the confrontation soon to come.  His skin is mottled green just like the vines which grow appendage like from his back; so corrupted is he from within by his own fetid magic, that he barely resembles a man anymore.  Yet still, an aura of great power and threat weighs heavily upon all who dare approach him.

But approach, confront and overcome him we must… for pestilence must be stopped, justice must be wrought, and vengeance must be sated.


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