132. Make a stand

132. Make a stand

With the Lion Guard still tied up dealing with the undead scourge to the south, and Stormhaven reportedly suffering from its own internal troubles, the border town of Crosswych was vulnerable and has fallen under the control of the Red Rooks.

Sometimes people need a hero to charge into the fray with steel, spell and bravado to save them from their oppressors.  But other times they need someone to show them how to save themselves.  The common person can become the hero, the thing that holds them back is fear, not of their enemy, but of standing alone.  One thing that my time in Glenumbra has taught me is that when you make a stand, others will stand beside you.

The Wyrd sisters, Gloria Fausta, Shaza gra-Dasik, Darien Gaultier, and Gabrielle Benele, these are the people who stood up so I never stood alone, often against seemingly overwhelming odds.  These are the heroes of Glenumbra, and Crosswych needs one more.


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