134. The Blanched Crow

134. The Blanched Crow

Word reaches the Redoubt that the Stormhaven border is under attack.  Whilst the Bloodthorn threat has been quelled, the undead still range unregulated across Glenumbra.  Werewolves still stalk the moorland roads, wretched vines still corrupt the spirits of nature, the Aldmeri pose a persistent coastal threat, and the dark anchors of Oblivion still fall from the sky.  Stormhaven can expect little aid from Glenumbra, save perhaps me.  First however I need return to Daggerfall for much needed supply and repair, and at least one night spent upon a supple bed under a dry roof.

Since my ‘return’ from Coldharbour I have been avoiding using the portals at wayshrines to travel, preferring to rely solely upon my steed to traverse the Breton landscape.  But alas, I fear I would be asking too much of my horse to make such a journey cross Glenumbra without first giving her time to rest; and time is not an ally to troubled lands.

As an inquisitive boy, I remember asking a member of the mages guild how the wayshrine portals worked.  I don’t recall much of the stodgy lecture that followed beyond one rather salient point.  At some moment during the transition process it is theorized that the traveller’s soul must become unanchored from the Mundas.  This may prove to be an issue.

It is said it that it would take but a single white crow to disprove the doctrine that all crows are black. I send a prayer to the Eight that today, I am that blanched crow. 


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