172. A sleeping man

172 (a). A sleeping man172 (b). A sleeping man172 (c). A sleeping man

Sir Hughes lies in a comatose state, his mind now fully subjugated to whatever power has been influencing his recent crimes.  I cannot, will not, condemn a sleeping man.  It seems I myself must enter his dream-state to repel whomever, or whatever holds his mind bewitched.

People believe that just because we cannot physically touch them, taste them, feel them, that our dreams aren’t real; but they are.  They are made of perception, of imagination, of memories, and of hopes both lost and won.

I dream of dragons, yet I’ve never seen one; I dream of kisses, I have never once tasted.  I dream of songs, I have never heard sung; and I dream of souls, yet I have none.


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