176. The Bonesnap Ruins

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Beneath ground in the catacombs and caverns of the ancient ruins known now only as Bonesnap, the Lion Guard expedition is trapped.  Whilst battling with the goblin tribe they were sent to scout, they were ambushed by a creature of Daedric origin.  Now its members are scattered throughout the ruins.

The battlemage Gaston thinks that the creature was bound to a time-worn Welkynd Stone, released when the goblins smashed the stone to use as totems.  He believes that if we are able to recover the fragments he may be able to re-bind the creature.

Whilst serving with the Imperial Legion back in Cyrodiil, our unit was tasked with the safeguarding of a party of Altmer archaeologists through an ancient Ayleid ruin to the north of Fort Rayless.   On the whole the party were as haughty and snobbish as one might expect a gaggle of Elven scholars to be.  Their leader displayed an especial talent for conceit, and spoke only in over-loud preach and proclamation that more than once attracted the unwanted attentions of bloodfiend and brute.

I remember as we first entered the halls, she theatrically lowered her body to the floor and announced to all, that the ground was the first place one should look if one wanted to learn the history of a ruin.  “If one studies close enough” she said, “one can read the footfalls and tread marks of those who walked before.  From the tramp of the soldier, to the toddle of the child, the flounce of the maid, to the strut of the noble, the trudge of the commoner, to the shamble of the elder, each footfall tells a singular story.”

As I stoop to study the floor before me, all I can make out are the tracks of many, many goblin feet, the huge tread of the ogres, and the foul dung of the durzog.  There is no history left to be found here that the goblin horde has not befouled and despoiled by its very presence.


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