187. The Cloudy Dregs Inn

187 (a). The Cloudy Dregs inn

187 (i). The Cloudy Dregs inn

There is an old Colovian adage which says, ‘the traveller loses a small piece of his heart in every city tavern’.  Certainly, most travellers believe that the heart of every town is its tavern, but in truth, any that has spent time living amongst Bretons will tell you that the heart of any High Rock town is most definitely its treasury.

The innkeeper of the Cloudy Dregs inn, Cherese Brigette, offers a warm welcome to all irrespective of race or stature.  No matter the time of day or night her bar is always full of weary travellers hungry for refreshment and rumour, and of regulars thirsting to forget their misery, heal heart, and imagine themselves, for a while at least, happy.

On most nights a visitor might get to meet Annabelle, the attractive dusky barmaid who seems to sup more then she sells; whilst almost a fixture sitting by the hearth one might find the sea captain Marck who never sets sail.

In a room on the first floor the Midnight Union’s moneylender has a chain of prospective clientele anxiously awaiting audience.  Word on the street is that S’rashi has work for any adventurer looking to earn a few extra coins, so long as you are willing to leave your morals at the tavern door.

The bard Oceane’s melodious voice fills the tavern with ballads and odes from all over Tamriel, whilst very occasionally, if you are so lucky, you might get to witness the mysterious Khajiit Arincra Shadowfur take to the stage and perform her hypnotic Two Moons dance; but beware, you wouldn’t be the first traveller to lose a small piece of your heart in the Cloudy Dregs Inn.


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