189. The millstone of the mercenary

189 (a). The millstone of the mercenary

Farangel’s Landing is a large estate and dock just outside the southwest gates of Wayrest.  Whilst passing through I am approached by a troubled Breton of noble appearance.  Serge Arcole claims that the Midnight Union have taken his estate and kidnapped his wife for ransom.

When you live life on the edge of a blade, sometimes despite the best of intentions, you will be the villain.  It is the millstone of the mercenary that inevitably you will make wrong judgments, and sometimes you will be outwitted and used as a tool by others of dishonourable intent.

A mercenary’s life is all about balancing; the weight of your conscious against the weight of your purse, the weight of a deed against the weight of a consequence, and the weight of your vengeance against the weight of their ‘dishonourable intent’.


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