201. Responsibility

201. Responsibility

Hiding in a cave just to the west of Wind Keep is Captain Rama whose reckless actions were to blame for the events at Cumberland’s Watch in which many soldiers and Goblins were killed.  He seems not to understand his leading role in the incident, or perhaps he hides from shame behind denial, or maybe his hatred has blinded him to the repercussions of his actions and he cannot see anything beyond his own resentment and rancour.  Whatever his mental state it is clear that he is a desperate man with nothing to lose, and you do not dare a person who has nothing left to lose.

This Rama poses no threat to me, he is not my enemy, and indeed some might see it that we fight the same cause.  Darien Gautier’s reckless behaviour at Cath Bedraud also caused the death of his own soldiers and yet he seems to be held somewhat in esteem by Breton society.  Is the only difference between Rama and Gautier the perceived success of their ventures, or is it that one is a Breton and the other a Redguard.  I myself am Cyrodilic, why then should I care whether he escapes a sectarian justice.

Why?  Because I can, and because with ability comes responsibility.  Because If I do not act, the next they send against him will likely be less capable then myself, and if they were to fall, then their blood will be on my hands also.  As would any innocent blood Rama might spill in his ever-increasing state of delusion.  High Rock is a dangerous land not because it is full of evil people or wicked creatures, but because it is full of people who don’t do anything about it.

As a boy I joined the Imperial Legions for the prestige, for honour, for pride, and for the prospect of regular pay.  But also I had nobler ideals, because I wanted to help those who could not help themselves, to protect those who could not protect themselves, and to bring justice to those who could not achieve justice for themselves.  I am no longer a legionnaire, but I am still that same boy but in a man’s body.

… and of course principles are all well and good, but then there’s the matter of the bounty.


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