204. “We aren’t young saplings anymore”

204. We arent young saplings anymore

In a small house within the town of Wind Keep, the Wild Elf Breloth closed her eyes on Tamriel for the final time leaving behind her Breton husband Michel Helomaine, who had never considered that his long-lived wife might pass before him.  Dedicated to the love of Breloth and Michel…

‘We aren’t young saplings anymore belovéd’,
the final words you whispered me.
But your beauty never aged belovéd,
like a bouquet in eternal bloom.
Your flawless face, your perfect grace, 
your smile that was my sun.
Take this kiss goodnight belovéd,
your moonlit voyage has begun.

How could you depart before I belovéd,
sorrow veils my heart in gloom.
We’d planned to share each day belovéd,
from morn’s haze till twilight’s brume.
You were the centre of my Mundus,
and you put your faith in me.
And until my final breath belovéd,
I’ll prove your faith was true.

I chose you every day belovéd,
and every day you chose me.
Our love was love for love belovéd,
though our families could never see.
No more will you feel the rain or cold,
but I’ll still shelter you.
And I’ll still hold your hand belovéd, 
whilst my heart is forever held by you.’


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