207. The devastation of the Dro-Dara farm

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The Ironhand ogres have long been considered a dangerous threat in Stormhaven but usually only to those travellers foolish enough to trek too close to the Wrothgar mountains.  Recently however, encouraged perhaps by the uprising of the Supernal Dreamers, and a spate of successful raids enjoyed by their goblin cousins, the tribe has grown far bolder, even venturing an attack upon Wayrest itself.

Such was the perceived threat of the ogre attack, and so stretched were the Breton forces that King Emeric had to call in a favour from on old ally in Wrothgar.  It was the Orc General Godrun and his Murtag Clan who came to Wayrest’s rescue, driving back the Ironhand to Shinji’s Scarp.

In their wake however, the ogres left a trail of devastation through the farmlands of Gavaudon.  One such farm, the Dro-Dara Plantation suffered heavily, the ogre horde ate almost their entire livestock, and destroyed their crops.  But worse was soon to follow for the plantation when the scavengers moved in.

An opportunistic bandit gang plundered and pillaged what little the ogres had left whilst taking the owners hostage and killing the remaining workers. Crocodiles have swam through the broken levees and now occupy the flooded fields, whilst giant spiders and hungry bears encroach ever closer from the hills, drawn by the smell of fresh blood and carcass.

I can attempt to free the hostages but there is little more that can be done for these unfortunate farmsteads until the Lion Guard arrives.


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