234. The corridors of Abargarlas

The Fighter’s Guild master Sees-All-Colors opens a portal for us into the ruins of Abargarlas, an ancient Ayleid city in Cyrodiil whose citizens were known to worship the Daedric master of corruption, Molag Bal.  See’s-All-Colors casts another spell so that we might experience the events prior to the city’s destruction and discover the fate of the dread weapon Mortuum Vivicus which threatened all Tamriel.

234 (c). The corridors of Abargarlas

Such demanding feats of spell-casting would prove a challenge for most members of the Mages Guild, yet Colors manages both with seemingly little endeavour.  I cannot help feeling disquiet at this, yet thus far the Argonian has proved nothing but sincere.  I have always wondered whether if it is more dishonourable to mistrust our comrades, or to be deceived by them?

I have little time to contemplate this further however, for as soon as I begin my search through the corridors of the perfidious city, the dead rise to challenge me.


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