237. The luminous black

237 (a). The luminous black237 (b). The luminous black

The dread weapon Mortuum Vivicus; on this plane it appears but a restless ball of distorted light, but on another it is a thousand tortured souls screaming in chorus.

Strangely, as I stare into the luminous black of the terrible Vivicus, I feel a sense of relief and abatement.  For too long in my dreams I have relived the moment the vile necromancer Mannimarco and his cult of worms tore my soul from my body with ritual bodkin, with no understanding as to why.  Although it may not stop my nightmares, or quell the throbbing emptiness that torments me, finally at least I have reason.

The daedric worshippers of Abagarlas had planned to unleash the Vivicus upon their rivals Delodiil, laying waste to the city and creating an army of undead for their deity Molag Bal.  I watched as the Alyeid warrior priest Ostarand attempted to destroy the abominable Vivicus with prismatic shard, only for Molag Bal to withdraw the weapon to Coldharbour at the very last moment.

Now, thousands of years later the God of Schemes has once again returned the dread Vivicus to Nirn, but this time he intends to raze the whole of Tamriel.


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