254. One last jape

254. One last jape

I remember reading a plaque somewhere near the chapel at Shornhelm which read ‘Tamriel has no sorrow that Arkay cannot heal.’  Deep in the Shadowfate Caverns, I fear I have found a rebuttal.

How quickly the victory bell dullens to wooden thunder, and sweet lauds of triumph turn to ash upon our tongues.  In one last jape upon Rivenspire, with one final twist of his dagger into the hearts of her people, Reezal’jul turned their most gallant daughter Captain Janeve, the Shield of House Tamrith, into the very monster she fought so valiantly to protect her people from.

For her sister the Countess Eselde Tamrith, whose soul and spirit now suffocates under weight of anguish, there is now only fretful cerebration.  Through trembling lips I hear her whisper “It will be a mercy…”  Through trembling lips I hear Janeve’s reply “… I want to live”.


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