258. The Flyleaf Catacombs

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At the western rim of the Eyebright Feld Dolmen can be found the Flyleaf Catacombs; once opulent mausoleums of Rivenspire’s nobility, they have recently become overrun by a local band of brutes and brigands calling themselves the Bitterhand Bandits.  Perhaps it is that these bandits are the only ones foolhardy enough to brave the ghosts and phantoms that prowl the burial grounds that outlay the dolmen, but it is also likely that they have a more sinister interest in these tombs that are yet to be revealed.

When a country faces crisis, and its armies march away to war, its fields lay abandoned, and its roads deserted, there will always be those who will seek to profit from the people who are left behind.  The Bitterhands are a well-organized group of various kin and creed who have plagued much of Rivenspire in her time of frailty, much as the Red Rooks vexed Glenumbra.

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An elemental mage called Miremonwe Spellslinger leads this particular detachment, wielding a blazing fire staff and casting storm magic with an effortless aptitude, the ebony clad Altmer proves to be a most dangerous adversary.


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