271. Vengence of the Orsimer widow

Upon the blood sacrifice of Osgrikh’s two siblings, Lashgikh swears an oath of vengeance to Malacath against the stronghold prince for the murder of her husband in the Obsidian Scar.

For the Orsimer, a tusk for a tusk is never enough. They consider that to be but justice, a weak human notion like forgiveness and clemency.

Humans see vengeance as a state of mind brought on by passion, we think it a sickness, as wounding to the avenger as it is to their victim.  But for the Orc, vengeance goes much deeper than just a state of mind, it is in the beat of their hearts.  It is the honour code by which they have survived, and it is what they believe both defines and unites them as a people; because even when a solitary Orc cries vengeance, it is as a chorus.

There is an old Orsimer adage which sums it up best; “Vengeance feeds upon the blood of man, the Orc feeds upon the blood of vengeance.”


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