284. Into the Deadlands

284 (a). Into the Deadlands

284 (j). Into the Deadlands

The Daedric portal beneath the Edrald estate led to the Deadlands; the scorched and searing realm of Oblivion ruled over by Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction.  Somewhere amongst these charred ruins the Edrald family are held captive.

The air is thick with soot and ash, broiling rivers of lava girdle the volcanic isles upon which wild Daedra roam free.  Yet even they steer clear of the blackened monoliths and towers that are home to the dread ebony and crimson warriors of Clan Dagon.

The martial Dremora are ferociously loyal to their Daedric lord, war-born and bred, armoured in pride and arrogance, the Dremoran warrior, as with all the varmint of Oblivion, have one major advantage over all their would-be quarry; they have no fear of death. 

All but I.  For what does quietus hold for a man with no soul, save an end to this torturous emptiness that abrades my every breath.

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