294. The Lady’s Call

294 (a). The Lady_s Call294 (b). The Lady_s Call

Inside the Dorell Manor I am met with a most macabre scene.  The nobles celebrate, seemingly oblivious to the dead bodies of their peers that litter the halls.  Reality seems aslant and frayed, a mist hangs heavily upon the air, and it is difficult to keep focus and not just sink into the haze.

294 (c). The Lady_s Call

Lord Ellic Dorrell has indeed succumbed to the Lady’s influence, and talks of receiving her blessing, ‘…then we will never die’.  The sound of the party ends abruptly, and I turn to find the revellers hanging in the throne room like forgotten marionettes; then I hear the Lady’s call… and I follow.

294 (d). The Lady_s Call

Lady Llyria Montclair is nothing as I expected, she is… intoxicating. 

294 (e). The Lady_s Call294 (g). The Lady_s Call294 (f). The Lady_s Call

As I stared entranced by the beauty of her celestial eyes, her voice began to devour me.  And whilst my conscience screamed silently to resist, my heart sang a symphony of surrender, extolling her boundless beauty, promising obedience and fealty.  The more the Lady spoke, the more desire, need, and compulsion swelled within me.

294 (h). The Lady_s Call

Indeed, if it were not for the ghostly visage of the vampire Count Verandis appearing through the mists to guide me, I fear I may willingly have become the Lady’s sharpest blade.


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