311. Forever the Legionnaire 

311 (a). Forever the Legionnaire

I climb to the summit of the Doomcrag and I am finally able to look upon that most cursed of artefacts with my own eyes, the Lightless Remnant.  So startled was I by its sanguinary glow, that when the Baron Montclair appeared like a fiend from a childish nightmare, he seemed to me to step out of the relic itself.

I drew my sword to give battle to the baneful Baron, with full knowledge that whilst I shall be fighting for my life, we shall not be fighting for his.  For if Montclair should die whilst still connected to the Remnant, then there is a chance that the relic will shatter, unleashing its Blood-curse like a pestilence across all Rivenspire.  No, I am fighting to survive and to keep him busy long enough to give Verandis the time to find a way to cleft this pernicious connection.

Restraint is the quality of a moral man.  Whilst training to join the Imperial Legion, our instructor taught us that ‘A sword can earn you both fear and love, but only through restraint can a person earn respect.’  Ever since my escape from Coldharbour, I have been fighting with the abandon of a man whose fate is unredeemable, who is liberated from moral calliper, because what Divine can judge a man whose soul is stolen?

Yet now if I am to play my part in saving the people of this land I must remember once more how to fight with restraint.  I may not be a moral man, but I am forever the Legionnaire.


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