342. Morwha’s Bounty


342 (f). Morwha_s Bounty

I find the Ash’abah camp south of the road to Bergama.  Forevermore the pariahs of the sands, and yet the Kingdom of the deserts only defence against the undead armies of the Withered Hand.

The Redguard’s of the Alik’r consider it a sacrilege to take up arms against their honoured ancestors, swearing a curse to Tu’whacca upon the families of any who desecrate them; even when their ancestors are being risen for nefarious purpose.  The Ash’abah have sacrificed their place amongst their own people to protect Hammerfell from the undead threat, and yet the people hate them for it.

Often when outcasts are exiled for long enough, they will begin to thrive upon being hated, their infamy becomes their very nature, and they forget that all that stands between themselves and self-destruction is their honour.  Thankfully for the people of Hammerfell, the Ash’abah of Morwha’s Bounty appear to have retained their honour.

Recently however their water supply has been poisoned, leaving their chief Marimah, and many of their tribe upon their deathbeds.

It would be easy to attribute this attack to the Withered Hand, but the sad truth is, it could just as easily have been perpetrated by the very people the Ash’abah have sacrificed so much to protect.


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