357. Tu’Whacca’s Breath


Throne Keeper Farvad has asked that I aid him in taking back Tu’whacca’s Throne from the Withered Hand cultists.  To achieve this, we must relight the sacred braziers around the site to trigger the temples defences; he claims this will unleash the ‘Breath of Tu’whacca’ to cleanse the temple and return the dead to the sands.  The Withered Hand however won’t give up the vast necropolis without a fight and direct their undead thralls to stop us.



The temple sits high atop a plateau overlooking the only road linking Sentinel in the west, to Bergama and the rest of the Alik’r to the east.  If their necromancers succeed in their nefarious undertaking to raise an army from the temples abundant burial grounds, then the Withered Hand could soon lay mortifying siege upon both cities.


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